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Kifejezés Jelentés Példa a használatban
Ahead of the pack Sikeresebbnek lenni, mint a konkurencia / az élen járni If we want to stay ahead of the pack, we'll have to increase our marketing budget.
Back to square one Valamit előről kezdeni, mert az előző próbálkozás nem sikerült. To make this software finally work, we have to go back to square one.
Ballpark number/figure Hasraütés szerű becslés To give you a ballpark figure, how much the border wall to Mexico is going to cost, I'd say about 30 million dollars.
Big picture A nagy képet tekintve Working on all these details, we have lost sight of the big picture.
By the book Jogszerűen eljárni We told our auditors that we do everything by the book.
Corner the market Dominálni a piacon Amazon more or less corners the online retailing market.
Cut-throat Agresszív konkurens Competition in the food retailing business is cut-throat.
Easy come, easy go Könnyen jött, könnyen ment I lost 500 Euros in a poker game last night, but that's life - easy come, easy go.
Game plan Egy stratégia/"játékterv" What is our game plan for dealing with our new competitor?
Get down to business Térjünk a tárgyra Now that everyone's here, let's get down to business and start with the presentation.
Get something off the ground Elkezdeni valamit (pl egy business-t) Now that we have finished the planning phase, we're eager the get the project off the ground.
Go down the drain Hiába való volt All our efforts in entering this new market went down the drain.
Go the extra mile Megtenni az extra kilómétert To give our customers the best shopping experience, we go the extra mile.
Hands are tied Meg van kötve a keze (átv) I'd love to help you, but my hands are tied.
In a nutshell dióhéjban In a nutshell, we will run out of cash in three months time.
In full swing teljes erőbedobással Construction of our new production site is in full swing now.
In the driver's seat A főnöki székben/pozícióban lenni Being offered the position of managing director, I'll soon be in the driver's seat.
Keep one's eye on the ball Valamire maximálisan figyelni We should not diversify our product offering too much, but rather keep our eyes on the ball.
Learn the ropes Megtanulni az alapokat I'm learning the ropes in my new position.
Long shot Valami, amire kevés esély van Winning the lottery is a long shot.
No-brainer Valami, ami egyértelmű, kihagyhatatlan Making money working for an investment bank is a no-brainer.
No strings attached Kritériumok nélkül / korlátlanul They will let you try the product for free with no strings attached.
Not going to fly Valami nem fog működni This product is definitely not going to fly.
On the same page Egyetérteni valamin Let's go over the contract details once more to make sure we're on the same page.
Out in the open Valami, ami publikus Our financials our out in the open anyway.
Put all one's eggs in one basket Mindent egy kosárba tenni It's not smart to invest in American tech stocks only and put all one's eggs in one basket.
Put the cart before the horse Rossz sorrendben Trying to find an investor without having a business plan is like putting the cart before the horse.
Raise the bar Megemelni az elvárásokat The iPhone raised the bar for smartphone makers.
Red tape Bürokrácia The new law is going to create a lot of red tape.
Rock the boat Bekavar, okvetlenkedik Don't rock the boat until the negotiations are finished.
Safe bet Biztos fogadás / biztosan meg fog történni It's a safe bet that computer processor speed will more than triple within the next 10 years.
Same boat Egy csónakban evezni None of us has any money left, so we're all in the same boat.
See eye to eye Egyetérteni valakivel My boss doesn't see eye to eye with me about our marketing campaign.
See something through Végig vinni I want to see this project through before taking on another one.
Sever ties Megszakítani a kapcsolatot We had to sever ties with several suppliers due to poor product quality.
Shoot something down Elutasítani valamit You shouldn't shoot down your co-workers ideas during a brainstorming session.
Smooth sailing Sima ügy / valami, ami nehézségek nélkül elérhető Once our largest competitor went out of business, it was smooth sailing.
Stand one's ground Kiállni az igazadért They tried to cut my travel budget, but I stood my ground.
Take the bull by the horns Szarvánál fogja meg a bikát / megküzd a nehézségekkel My mid-level managers constantly delayed projects, so I took the bull by the horns and fired several of them.
Talk someone into something Meggyőzni valakit valamiről I was reluctant to redesign our website, but my employees talked me into it.
Talk someone out of something Lebeszélni valakit valamiről We wanted to take on more debt, but our CFO talked us out of it.
The elephant in the room A kimondatlan dolog, amiről senki sem akar beszélni We should have discussed our pending litigation, but no one wanted to talk about the elephant in the room.
Think outside the box A "dobozon kívűl" gondolkozni Our current approach will get us nowhere. We have to think outside the box.
Time's up Lejárt az ideje I think his time's up as the CEO.
Touch base Kapcsolatot felvenni valakivel I will touch base with you later today.
Twist someone's arm Meggyőzni valakit valamiről, amit nem akar megcsinálni My boss thought the budget was a little high, so I had to twist his arm to get him to agree to it.
Up in the air Valami, ami még nincs eldöntve/ lóg a levegőben Our international expansion plan is still up in the air.
Uphill battle Valami, amit nehéz elérni az akadályok miatt Gaining market share in this country will be an uphill battle due to tough competition.
Upper hand Felsőbb kéz Due to my experience, I had the upper had in the argument.
Word of mouth Szájról-szájra Many local stores rely on word of mouth to get new customers.